Rachel Mills is a Glasgow based artist, specialising in oil, acrylics, and watercolour painting. Her most common subjects are scenes from the natural world. Rachel has a selection of artwork for sale in her shop. She is also available to produce commissioned artwork, please refer to the commissions page for details.

Recent Artwork

Below is a selection of Rachel’s most recent artwork. Click on an image below for more details.

Baloch Scene, watercolour, 18x25cm, 2019 Painted after a trip to Baloch, Loch Lomond with friends on a fine autumn day. Read more.
Spider Plant Still Life, Acrylic on acrylic paper, 25×17.5cm, 10×7″, 2019 Read more.
Goblin Woman in Woods, Acrylic on reclaimed canvas, 60x60cm, 23.6×23.6″, 2019 Read more.
Heartless, ink and watercolour on paper, 6.25×8.5″, 16x22cm, 2019 Read more.
Helpless, ink and watercolour on paper, 7×9.5, 24.5x18cm, 2019 Read more.
Goblin woman #1, mixed media on paper, 16.75×12″ 42×30.5cm, 2019 Read more.
Birdhouse 77, Acrylic on paper, 10×7″ 25×17.5cm, 2019 Read more.

Artwork for Sale

Some of Rachel’s most recent artwork for sale is listed below. To see all artwork for sale please visit the shop page.

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